The History of Locksmith

opened-padlock-1522571Have you ever been locked out of your home? What do you usually do in such a situation? Well the most common action would be to call a Locksmith to let you in.

The profession or art of a locksmith involves designing and producing protective mechanisms for buildings, objects, storage facilities, cabinets, room etc.

Locksmiths in ancient times:

  • The history of Locksmithing originates from Ancient Egypt and Babylon, approximately 4000 years ago.
  • It’s believed that locks at that time were small and portable. They were mainly used to secure goods from thieves and dacoits while travelling.
  • The large, crude, wooden locks had wooden keys. These wooden keys were also very large. There were pins in the locks that can be moved only by the wooden keys.
  • The lock and key technology can also be found in the ancient history of Greece, Rome and China etc.
  • The oldest lock exists from 704BC and belongs to the Assyrian Empire in the city of Khorasabad.

Moving to metal from wood:

  • The first lock metals started to appear from 870-900 AD. These iron bolt locks are attributed to the English craftsmen.
  • Soon iron and brass bolt locks could be seen from Europe to China. These were operated keys that could be turned, screwed or pushed.
  • By 14th and 17th century, Locksmith became a profession among artistic and talented mental workers. Beautiful designs were made on the locks which were inspired by the royal crest and symbols. These kinds of royal locks were usually made for the high class people.
  • Locks in this era were more durable and safe.

Evolution of modern lock:

  • The basic design of lock and key remained unchanged for a long time. However, the precision in engineering has increased the complexity and sophistication of locks and keys tremendously.
  • The lever tumbler lock introduced by Robert Barron in 1778 is still used today because of the security it provides.
  • The double acting pin tumbler lock invented by Linus Yale in 1848, is still in use today. His lock designed used pins of different lengths. Hence, the locks would not open unless the correct length key is used.
  • Most of the locks used today still originate from the locks that were used centuries back. The new era locks are introduced to the electronic chips.

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